Cryptounit Inc Announces Partnership With LocalTrade Ltd
And Listing of CRU and UNTB tokens

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Dear Evorich ecosystem partners, we are delighted to share great news about the finalization of the agreement and the imminent start of cooperation with LocalTrade Ltd.

Cryptounit Inc Announces Partnership With LocalTrade Ltd

LocalTrade is a modern platform that offers a service for buying/selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies or fiat money (for example, pounds, euros or dollars).

A young initiative team led by CEO Aaron Levi Yahalom, widely known in the crypto community for his contribution to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, creates an innovative approach to personal finance, investing and trading and strives to create a model that combines and integrates the best of centralized and decentralized finance.

The company's goal is to simplify the DeFi world by creating a comprehensive product that will satisfy both crypto experts and newcomers to the cryptocurrency space.

What this gives to Evorich ecosystem partners:

  1. Full access to the trading platform and the ability to participate in token trading on the LocalTrade exchange.
  2. Listing of CRU and UNTB tokens. Placing Cryptounit blockchain tokens on third-party exchanges will make them public, reach a larger audience, warm up demand and raise the interest of the crypto community from all over the world, increase investment attractiveness and expand the possibility of acquiring tokens for everyone, having a choice of several platforms (not only on the UnitEx exchange ), and partners to use the potential of these tokens more actively.
  3. LocalTrade crypto exchange is included in the top 100 exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. Therefore, each member of the NEEW community should be interested in its rapid development so that it enters the top 10.
  4. Be among the first and buy the LTT utility token at the lowest price at the TokenSale stage. We are for diversification. Each of you can top up your portfolio with a new asset in the form of a promising LTT token.

LocalTrade Token (LTT) is the native token of the LocalTrade exchange, created to support the ecosystem, the DAO Rewards program, and provide holders with more benefits.

How to buy LocalTrade Token (LTT):

LTT is created and operates on the BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) network, all transactions on the network are paid in BNB. Thus, users need to have BUSD (to buy tokens) and/or BNB (to buy tokens and pay transaction fees) on their balance.

Based on this, you have 3 possible options:

  1. If you have BUSD or BNB in your crypto wallet, you can buy LTT with BUSD/BNB.
  2. If you do not have BUSD in your account, but there are other cryptocurrencies in your wallet, then you can: buy BUSD/BNB on the LocalTrade exchange (you can register by opening the menu in the upper left part of the page and going to the LocalTrade CEX section) or buy BNB using ApplePay.
  3. If you do not have any cryptocurrency at all, then you can buy LTT with a bank card.
Cryptounit Inc Announces Partnership With LocalTrade Ltd

Recall some of the main characteristics of CRU and UNTB tokens:

  • UNTB – the technical token of the Cryptounit blockchain in free circulation, can move freely between accounts, there are no transfer fees. To open a personal crypto wallet on the blockchain, you need to buy a certain amount of UNTB. This number can go up and down depending on the growth of blockchain users and market demand. UNTB is also required for community voting.
  • CRU – the Cryptounit blockchain utility token provides the right to receive funding from the company for new startups and operating enterprises through collateral, that is, the purchase and blocking of tokens for a certain period of time, during which the obligations of the parties must be fulfilled. In addition, CRU tokens are required for each user when paying for a personal business account. The advantage of a business account on the Cryptounit blockchain is the ability to issue new tokens and maintain legal document flow to comply with legal regulations. CRU is also a farming token, which allows you to stake it and receive rewards in UNTB tokens.

The date of listing and release of tokens on LocalTrade will be announced a little later.

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