Global Investment Portfolio
With a Huge Discount

Would you like to go back in time...?

Global Investment Portfolio With a Huge Discount

According to the project's roadmap, the value of the WCRU security token (share of the Global Portfolio) is constantly growing. At the start of sales, the minimum cost of 1 WCRU was 0.4 UNT, today - 1 UNT, and from January 1 - already 1.25 UNT.

Would you like to go back in time and get the opportunity to become a holder of WCRU security tokens at a cost even lower than the original one?

You will have such opportunity!

Use it.

Khovratov Andrey Fedorovich guarantees all holders of CRU tokens* the opportunity to purchase (convert CRU to WCRU on the Cryptounit blockchain) on preferential terms with a 1:1 ratio with a reduced commission for conversion in the period from 01.04.2024 to 30.04.2024. There will be no postponements.

During the specified period, it will be possible to make a purchase (conversion of CRU to WCRU) on preferential terms based on the cost of WCRU as of 07.07.2021 and equal to $0.035.

In this case, the commission will be 1% of the value of the purchased WCRU (CRU converted to WCRU) at a price of $0.035 and is calculated using the following formula:

(WCRU amount * $0.035) / 100

1 WCRU = 1 CRU + commission

Consider the example of buying 10,000 WCRU (converting 10,000 CRU to 10,000 WCRU):

  • The cost of 10,000 WCRU on 07.07.2021 was 10,000 * 0.035 = $350
  • 1% of $350 = $3.5.
  • Therefore, for the purchase (converting 10,000 CRU into 10,000 WCRU), the commission will be $3.5.
  • The total cost of purchasing 10,000 WCRU on preferential terms will be 10,000 CRU + $3.5.

* The possibility of buying (converting) with a preferential price and commission applies to all CRU holders, including CRU purchased on the UNITEX exchange.

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