You No Longer Need to Worry About Payment

Are you an active user of the iDecide Interactive service?

iDecide: You No Longer Need to Worry About Payment

We have great news for everyone who is tired of renewing their subscription to the service every month - the option of auto-renewing a subscription for 30 days is now available.

In order to use the function, go to the iDecide page in your Evorich personal account, click on the "Enable auto-renewal" button and simply top up your personal account monthly, the required amount will be debited from your account automatically.

However, we still recommend that you pay your attention to the "IDECIDE: ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION" product - it is not only convenient (payment once a year and your opportunity to use the service and all its features and updates for 12 months), but also very profitable - saving more than 300 UNT.

Enjoy your work with the iDecide service!

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