Pre-sale FNT
Start of sales — 28 July at 11:00 London / 12:00 Rome / 13:00 Moscow / 15:30 New Delhi time

On January 12, 2021, the modern Global Unit Pay (GUP) payment system was launched for the needs of the Evorich ecosystem community. In a short time, the activity of the platform went beyond the community and became widely known in the world. The great achievements of the company were also recognized by the global crypto community at the international Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 exhibition, where GUP was recognized as the best payment crypto provider in the world.

Fintech licensing roadmap

Today, more than 50 000 people from 160 countries of the world are active users of the platform, as well as more than 150 corporate clients who made transactions in 2021 in the amount of over 40 000 000 USD.

With the help of GUP, customers can open accounts, store, exchange fiat currencies into cryptocurrency and vice versa on the fly, order virtual and plastic cards to pay for goods and services, as well as withdraw cash.

In order to be able to provide financial services to its clients, GUP uses the services of third-party companies that have the appropriate license to open bank accounts and conduct banking operations.

The GUP team is ready to take the next step in the development of the platform, and the logical continuation of success is to obtain our own fintech license, which will allow us to provide basic crypto banking services for our own and third-party clients, including:

Acceptance of deposits from the population (up to 100 million)

  • Own accounts
  • Own international bank account number (IBAN)

Storage of cryptocurrencies (unlimited)

  • separate wallets
  • universal wallets

Why now?

Banking services in the cryptosphere are rapidly gaining popularity. Today, more than 500 crypto exchanges are present on the market, more than 20 000 cryptocurrencies have been issued, and the capitalization of the entire market is over 1 000 000 000 000 EUR. And this number continues to grow every day.

Our offering could be the best solution to enable virtually everyone to access cryptocurrencies and bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional banking services.

Roadmap to FNT Success

Phase I - pre-sale

Month 1-2

  • Start of marketing team consultations
  • Community moderation
  • Concept development
  • Strategy and roadmaps
  • Submission of a technical proposal
  • Development of White paper and tokenomics
  • Creation of pitch decks (presentations)
  • Landing page creation

Month 2-3

  • Start of technology development
  • Website token sale integration
  • First PR announcement
  • Setting up all social channels

Phase II - External campaign and launch

Month 3-4

  • Start of campaigns in the foreign market
  • Start of external private sales
  • Creating a smart contract
  • Smart contract audit
  • Strategic partnerships

Month 4-6

  • Closing private sales
  • Start of external pre-sales
  • Integration and testing of the token in the GUP system
  • Launching bounty and airdrop campaigns
  • Search and cooperation with opinion leaders
  • Marketing, PR

Month 6-8

  • Closing presales
  • Possible listings on Launchpad
  • GUP token integration for users
  • Opening public sales
  • Dialogues with second and first levels exchanges

Month 8-10

  • Closing public sales
  • Exchange listings
  • Marketing, CM, PR

What is the prospect of growth in the cost of FNT points

An increase in the cost of points is predicted due to an increase in demand due to an increase in the number of users of the system and the number of transactions.

Possible options for using FNT points:

  • account opening fee
  • exchange/transaction fee
  • monthly management fee
  • institutional management fees
  • deposit and withdrawal fees
  • ATM commission
  • and much more

A public sale of FNT points (subsequently utility tokens) will be launched to finance the project.

And exclusively for the Evorich ecosystem community, the GUP team is making a limited initial offer - the opportunity to be the first and to participate in a closed preliminary round of sales on the best terms.

  • Start of sales — 28 July at 11:00 London / 12:00 Rome / 13:00 Moscow / 15:30 New Delhi time
  • Number of sales rounds — 1

Offer available while stocks last

Package Package price, UNT (USD) Number of FNT in the package Cost per 1 FNT, UNT (USD) Number of packages
FNT Start 100 3 333 0,030 5 000
FNT Start+ 250 8 929 0,028 4 000
FNT Standard 500 19 231 0,026 2 500
FNT Standard+ 1 000 41 667 0,024 750
FNT Premium 2 000 90 909 0,022 250
FNT Pro 4 000 200 000 0,020 75
FNT VIP 8 000 444 444 0,018 31
FNT Platinum 15 000 1 000 000 0,015 30

Do you want to be part of the creation of perhaps the best crypto banking in the world?

Make a decision and participate right now, while the offer is still valid! (or join first Evorich ecosystem for free)

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