EvoSchool - the World of Perfumery Opens Its Secrets
26 July at 12:00 New York / 17:00 London / 18:00 Rome / 19:00 Moscow / 21:30 New Delhi time

There are events that are better marked in red on your calendar. This is what we invite our entire community to, as valuable knowledge and secrets of learning at EvoSchool will be capaciously revealed here.

This holiday for the mind and inspiration is scheduled for July 26 at 19:00 (Moscow time). So don't miss out on this program full of the flavor of opportunity!

What will happen?

  • Aroma tasting of "The Highest" EvoScent collection
  • Analyze the basic rules for storing and applying fragrances
  • Take a look at the EvoScent Perfumery Academy training programs


  • Mary Furs — Perfumery expert, founder of the “Perfumery Academy”, co-owner of the “Stylist-Perfumer” brand, responsible for EvoScent perfume literacy, aromapsychologist, aromatherapist, MLM leader.
  • Alexander Dolin — Founder of the “Perfumery Academy”, co-owner of the “Stylist-Parfumer” brand, perfume expert, member of the MLM Major League, was recognized as the best business coach among the TOP MLM leaders in the Russian-speaking space twice.

Dear partners, the webinar will be held in several languages at the same time, choose the one that suits you, register and wait for the webinar to start:

Russian room

English room

Spanish room

Italian room

See you at the webinar!

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