The Webinar Is Over, but the Recording Remains!

EvoScent Business Training was held by the TOP leaders and project managers of the company on 7 July.

Briefly about what happened:

  • EvoScent project presentation and roadmap
  • main news of the project
  • project goals and what has already been achieved
  • working framework of action to build a business

And the main feature of the event was the Training by Mila Serdjukova, an expert in building a MLCI business, where she shared a strategy on how to get the most out of all the opportunities provided in July.

In order to achieve high results, stay up to date with all the latest trends and upgrade your skills - you always need to learn!

We cannot convey everything in a nutshell - if you really want to get valuable experience from the Leaders of the company and apply it in building and scaling your business, watch the recording of the webinar by choosing your language:

Be open to opportunities - because the sooner you enter the project, the more bonuses and privileges you will receive!

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