Get Access to the Secret Features of Global Unit Pay

At a webinar held on July 7, the leaders of the Global Unit Pay payment system announced an exclusive offer for participants of the NEEW ecosystem - the opportunity to get into the whitelist (preliminary list) and be allowed to purchase FNT points before the public offer on the best terms.

The purpose of the offer is to finance a new direction for obtaining a fintech license, which will significantly expand the capabilities of the platform, increase the number of active users and allow it to become one of the world's best platforms for providing crypto banking services.

A few important points for those who wish to participate in the development of the project and become the first client of the new direction:

  • Participation in this round is available only to participants of the NEEW ecosystem
  • Number of packages - 7895
  • FNT point value - from 0.03 to 0.015 UNT
  • Package prices – 8 packages costing from 250 to 15 000 UNT
  • Number of sales rounds - 1
  • Sales start - July 28 at 12:00 Moscow time

You can learn about all the other details of the offer from the webinar recording:


You can participate in the offer through your CRU-EvoScent account. Top up your account in advance and wait for the start of sales, and in the meantime share the opportunity with your partners, because the members of our community are the flywheel for launching many projects of the NEEW ecosystem and so they deserve to have exclusive opportunities for early access to offers.

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