Announcement of a Live Trading Course With Artem Kabanov

Artem Kabanov has developed a training system that suits anyone interested in trading and announces the recruitment of participants.

This is a completely new format of author's training, where, together with an experienced teacher, you will take a trading course from A to Z and start earning on the stock, currency and cryptocurrency markets without crises and market conditions.

Course records will not be sold. Only live training consisting of 10 online sessions: 

Session 1

  • Introduction to learning. The main qualities that every trader needs to have. 
  • Rules of iron discipline. 
  • Technical analysis model of any financial instrument for entering a trade.
  • Information and analytical sources. 

Session 2 

  • Types of markets: stock, currency, cryptocurrency.
  • Comparative analysis of the strategy work.

Session 3

  • Technical analysis tools: Japanese candlesticks, gap. Chart training.
  • Order types: limit, market, stop orders.

Session 4

  • Bid organizer. Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency account: spot, margin trading, futures.

Session 5

  • Buyers and sellers. Participants of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Trading psychology.
  • Daily schedule of a successful trader.

Session 6

  • Energy in the market.
  • Market direction. How volumes affect the market.
  • ATR indicator.

Session 7

  • MACD indicator.

Session 8

  • EMA indicator.

Session 9

  • Levels. Level types, search for strong levels.
  • Entry point and exit point of the trade by Fibonacci levels.

Session 10

  • Trading on indicators during the day.
  • The rules of iron discipline in practice.

Who is the author:

  • Artem Kabanov - Asset manager with 7 years of experience, developer of a trading course, financial analyst, developer of the Strategy for working with Mutual investment funds, has the status of a qualified investor, certificates 1.0, 5.0.

Who is the course for:

  • For those who want any level of knowledge and age, familiar with the topic of finance.
  • What you need for comfortable learning:
  • Smartphone, computer/laptop, internet access and commitment

What you will receive after the course:

  • Learn to independently analyze assets and choose instruments for transactions.
  • Master fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Learn how to form a trading scenario, identify entry points and set goals.
  • Invest on your own, or speculate at any intervals.
  • Create your own trading system.
  • Learn and put into practice the rules of iron discipline.

In addition, everyone who completes the training to the end will receive chic Bonuses: 

  • 1 month access to private chat with trading signals
  • 2 participation in live trading Zoom sessions with Artem Kabanov

Course fee: $2500

If you intend to start trading and learn from scratch how to earn on falling and growing markets from $500, please submit a preliminary application by filling out the form below, indicating your language.

The minimum number of participants in one language group is 20 people. If there are fewer applications, then we will not be able to organize such a group. 

Put me on the preliminary list

The rest of the details and the start date of the course will be announced later. Follow the news.

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