Reimbursement for Participation in the EvoScent Business Forum in Barcelona

Are you a participant of the EvoScent Business Forum in Barcelona on 21 and 22 May? As promised, we will compensate you for travel and accommodation costs in EVSN points!

To receive compensation, you must make a request by filling out the form.

Double EVSN compensation is available only to those forum participants who paid for an EvoScent program package worth 600 UNT or more before June 1 inclusive.

Important! Only full payment for the EVOSCENT SET NO. 4 CLASSIC-MAX or higher package is taken into account.

Only economy class tickets are eligible for reimbursement for the flight, and the cost of living should not exceed 50-100 USD per day. To confirm payment, you must attach links to scanned copies of tickets and payment receipts.

Reimbursement applications are accepted only until June 30, 23.59 (Moscow time).

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See you again!

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