EvoScent Program: For Those Who Create

EvoScent Program: For Those Who Create

The ability to participate in the creation, development, production of something that provides value to the world is one of the human needs.

This is the meaning of progress. Thus, the birth of any idea and product is an attempt to find a new way to realize the interests of people, a new opportunity to meet human needs.

It is precisely in meeting the creative and material needs of millions of people that the goal of EvoScent, a young company producing luxury perfumes, was created in collaboration with Evorich and the recognized Spanish perfumer Ramon Bejar.

The implementation of this idea became possible thanks to the huge community of the NEEW ecosystem - an association of conscious and progressive people, true creators.

In February 2022, community members had a unique opportunity to participate in the launch and witness the birth of this new, valuable and promising project.

Why our community supported the EvoScent project:

A unique opportunity to participate in the development of a large company

We are creating an international company in a multibillion dollar niche right now.

Unique conditions for clients at the start-up stage

Before entering the market, the company gives the opportunity to pre-order perfume at insanely low prices, and it gives the best training programs from ecosystem project leaders and EvoScent (EVSN) points as a bonus.

Development and career

Bonuses in the form of training programs provide an opportunity to study the world's best practices in perfumery, investing, organizing your own business. Opportunity to open a representative office in your region.

Worthy reward

The partner has the opportunity to influence the amount of remuneration according to the company's bonus plan. Moreover, there is a “Higher status - more EVSN” promotion, that allows you to significantly increase the number of EVSN gift points.

If you, like thousands of our community partners, are a creator and dream of bringing more value to the world, join the EvoScent program now, while the benefits of participating in the early stages of development are still very attractive!

Participate in Stage 3/10 of the EvoScent Program

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