Recording of a Webinar
About Your Opportunities With the Cryptounit Blockchain

We recently hosted an important webinar on the benefits of the Cryptounit blockchain, briefly talked about its technical design, and announced plans and a new strategy to grow the Cryptounit community.

Everyone who joined the broadcast was satisfied.

For example, one of our partners reacted to the information in the comments:

Huge work has been done. Respect to our Leaders

Were you able to attend the meeting? Did you miss it?

Here’s a reminder of the topics we discussed:

  • The purpose of creating the Cryptounit blockchain
  • Why Cryptounit blockchain decentralization is needed
  • Where to Track Important Cryptounit Token (CRU) Data
  • Who is responsible for storing seed phrases and private keys
  • What are nodes and producers
  • Who can become an EOS block producer
  • Strategy and project to grow the Cryptounit community
  • How to connect to it
  • 3 phases of business strategy
  • What are the benefits for community members?

Our team recorded the broadcast, so if for some reason you could not take part live, we have prepared a recording.

Follow the link and find out about the important news of the development of the Cryptounit blockchain. Time codes have been added to the description of the broadcast recording for your convenience.

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