Profi-Investor Category 1
Video Course

Do You Have a Great Desire to Learn How to Invest?

Profi-Investor Category 1 Video Course

The elite Profi-Investor Category 1 program includes the advanced Profi-Investor Category 2 program and the basic Profi-Investor Category 3 program.

The elite program Profi-Investor Category 1 was created for those who:

  • Have a great desire to learn how to invest, but do not know anything about it yet.
  • Had more negative than positive experience in investing, but also have a desire to learn the science of investing in order to preserve and increase their savings.
  • Had the experience of losing funds from unscrupulous companies or financial pyramids and would like to learn how to properly multiply and protect their savings.
  • Have debts and want to pay them off faster, as well as create another source of income in the investment business.
  • Want to learn how to create income from their investments from 15% to 35% per year with guaranteed safety of their investments.
  • Would like to understand and realize what it means to create 300% -1000% income on your investments.
  • Want to know what to do to create capital of $1 000 000 or more over a period of 5-10 years with the lowest risks and high security.
  • Want to learn how to distinguish pyramid schemes and dysfunctional companies from really worthwhile offers and not get into trouble with the loss of savings.
  • Would like to study the stock, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets, as well as manage their capital in these markets.
  • Draw up financial plans for all categories and levels of investors.
  • Are interested in what the modern financial system is and how to protect oneself from inflation, hyperinflation and global crises.
  • Want to understand why there are high yield programs and hedge funds and how to define them for their portfolio.
  • Want to learn how to work in the stock markets and create portfolios with high portfolio returns of 2-5% per month.

The elite program includes:

  • “Fundamentals of Investment” course.
  • “First steps in private investment” course.
  • Advanced Private Investor Course “Stock Markets and Portfolio Equity Management”.
  • “Global, public and corporate finance, the evolution of the creation of a modern digital decentralized policy” course.
  • “Forex foreign exchange market, history and development prospects, benefits and risks for private investors” course.
  • “Cryptocurrency Market and Blockchain Technologies, High Profitability and Risks for Private Investors” course.
  • “Venture market and the market for equity participation in businesses” course.
  • “Globality in creating an investment portfolio, what are the advantages, pros and cons” course.
  • Testing with obtaining a “Profi-investor 1 category” certificate.

What topics will we study and analyze in detail:

+ “Fundamentals of Investment” course

  • Basic concepts in investing. What is financial independence and freedom based on.
  • 5 main commandments of a private investor.
  • Optimal financial plans.
  • Diversification fundamentals.
  • Disciplinarity and risk management in investing.
  • How to control greed and avoid laziness.
  • The most profitable and reliable investment in the world at all times.
  • How Capital Increase Leads to Absolute Wealth.
  • Rules for creating a reserve fund.
  • Fundamentals of financial and investment personal development.
  • How $1 grows into $1 million and how quickly
  • How to learn how to create investment income of 300-100% per annum.
  • Workshop.

+ “First steps in private investment” course

  • Assets and liabilities. Asset management and reduction of liabilities.
  • Why do people lose money when investing.
  • Investor levels and why you need to understand them.
  • Investment strategies.
  • Understanding high yield investments and how to learn how to manage risk.
  • Pension programs, alternative pension plans.
  • Diversification and risk hedging strategies.
  • Drawing up a personal balance sheet.
  • What is an investment strategy and how to choose an investment strategy.
  • Selection of investment sectors.
  • Selection of investment instruments to create your own investment portfolio.
  • Methodology for controlling risk-return.
  • Basic principles of drawing up an investment portfolio.
  • Types of investment portfolios.
  • Balancing portfolios.
  • Workshop on drawing up financial plans and investment portfolios.
  • How to create capital of $1 million or more.

+ Advanced Private Investor Course “Stock Markets and Portfolio Equity Management”

  • Financial plans, how to develop your assets progressively.
  • Financial plans of the poor and the rich.
  • Pension plans and how they differ.
  • Rules for creating financial plans.
  • The importance of Goals and Dreams in financial and retirement plans.
  • Investment objects, formation of objects.
  • Investment tools, basic understanding.
  • Tools and investment opportunities in the education market.
  • The banking sector as an investment component.
  • Financial groups and the definition of financial groups.
  • Toolkit in financial groups and investment banking products.
  • Insurance funds.
  • Investment instruments in the insurance market.
  • Stock market, basic concepts of the stock market.
  • Investment instruments on stock markets.
  • International stock exchanges, their importance and influence in the global financial and investment policy.
  • Low risk investment instruments with guaranteed returns on stock exchanges.
  • Medium risk instruments with a guarantee of capital safety and a return of 2-5% per month.
  • High risk instruments with a yield of 5-10% per month.
  • Risk management when investing in stock markets.
  • Brokerage on stock markets.
  • Algorithmic strategies in private investment.
  • Robotic systems in private investment.
  • Trading terminals. How to work with trading terminals.
  • Passive money management tools.
  • What you need to understand and know when working with the stock markets.
  • Basic standards for creating personal investment portfolios.
  • The basics of stock trading and what is your benefit in the fact that you understand stock trading.

+ “Global, public and corporate finance, the evolution of the creation of a modern digital decentralized policy” course

  • World finance. How the global economy is regulated.
  • International banking systems and programs.
  • The influence of world capital on geopolitics.
  • Where does money come from in the global economy.
  • Areas of influence of the foreign exchange market.
  • World state currencies and their importance in the world financial system.
  • State economic policy.
  • Public finance. Where does the money come from in each country, how is the money supply formed.
  • Monetary world politics.
  • Corporate finance and its impact on government and global finance.
  • Foreign exchange market and its importance in world finance.
  • Investment instruments and objects in the foreign exchange market.
  • Regulation of foreign exchange markets.
  • The benefits and dangers of investing in the foreign exchange markets.
  • The decline of fiat monetary regulation and the rise of a new digital decentralized development.
  • Cryptoeconomics and blockchain technologies.
  • The main tools on the crypto markets.
  • Prospects for the development of the crypto market.
  • Globalization and Cryptoeconomics.
  • Private investing in the new digital age.

+ “Forex foreign exchange market, history and development prospects, benefits and risks for private investors” course

  • The history of the emergence of the Forex market.
  • Professional participants of the Forex market.
  • Providing liquidity in the Forex market.
  • Forex trading fundamentals.
  • Benefits of a private investor when working in the Forex market.
  • Investment tools in the Forex market.
  • Trading terminals in the Forex market.
  • Creation of investment strategies in the Forex market.
  • Brokerage on Forex.
  • Creation of individual strategies and investment portfolios in the Forex market.
  • The rules of iron discipline when investing in Forex.

+ “Cryptocurrency Market and Blockchain Technologies, High Profitability and Risks for Private Investors” course

  • The history of the emergence of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Pioneers of the cryptoindustry and their history of formation.
  • Investment uniqueness of cryptocurrency instruments.
  • Crypto-exchanges and their peculiarity in the development of blockchain technologies.
  • Features of the perception of public policy and the creation of national cryptocurrencies.
  • Trends in the cryptoindustry and investment attractiveness.
  • Tokenization of business processes.
  • Types of tokens.
  • Tokenomics and smart contracts. What a private investor needs to know about this.
  • Trading on crypto-exchanges. Feature and difference from the stock and foreign exchange market.
  • Risk management and the rules of iron discipline in the crypto market.
  • A detailed plan when investing in the crypto market.

+ “Venture market and the market for equity participation in businesses” course

  • Venture market, investment features.
  • Stages of investing in the venture capital market.
  • Pros and cons of investing in the venture capital market.
  • Equity participation in business and new ventures.
  • Equity participation in a developing company.
  • Equity participation in a ready-made business for the purpose of expansion.
  • Equity participation in scientific potential.
  • Precious Metals Markets, Pros and Cons.
  • Investment in innovative technologies, pros and cons.
  • Investment market for the development of culture and cinema.
  • Investment market for health and longevity.
  • Investment market for multilevel crowdinvesting.
  • Investment market of IT technologies.
  • Investments in the development of space innovations.
  • Investments in equity management in catering and wholesale and retail trade.
  • Investment in the real estate market.
  • Investment in educational services and platforms.
  • Investing in innovative transport technologies.
  • Investments in the development of alternative energy sources.
  • Investment in the agricultural sector.

+ “Globality in the creation of an investment portfolio. Advantages, pros and cons” course

  • Portfolio thinking.
  • Portfolio creation algorithms.
  • Portfolio types.
  • The global nature of macroeconomics.
  • Globality in private investment.
  • Global Investment Toolkit.
  • Diversification of risks in global investment.
  • Benefits and advantages of creating a Global Investment Portfolio.

Time for learning and answering test questions: 300-800 hours (we recommend that you devote 2-3 hours a day to training)

Format: independent study of the material in video format in a convenient mode for you, 1 mentoring session, access to video materials of the program for a period of 1 year from the date of payment.

Graph of price changes:

from 1 December 2021 to 1 January 2022 800 $
from 1 January 2022 to 1 February 2022 1250 $
from 1 February 2022 to 1 March 2022 1520 $

A letter with further instructions will be sent to your email within 1-3 business days from the date of payment.

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