Registration and Verification in STO-CAP of the Project
Step-by-step Video Instruction

For your convenience, we have prepared a video on how to register and verify an account in the STO-CAP of the project. 

This will allow Evorich partners who hold WCRU security tokens to access or purchase Bobcoin (BOBC) tokens donated by Andrey Khovratov, as well as create another source of income within the Evorich bonus plan.

When registering a STO-cap personal account, some partners encountered an authorization error when trying to enter their personal account. To get access to STO-cap, this category of partners needs to fill out the form and provide the following data: full name, Evorich login, phone number or messenger, old email (to which the Evorich personal account was registered) and new current email.

Specify data to restore access to STO-cap: apply

Link to enter the STO-cap account: 

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