Perfume Club - Let's Talk About the Image
27 May at 11:00 New York / 16:00 London / 17:00 Rome / 18:00 Moscow / 20:30 New Delhi time

Being on top in everything is the rule of successful meetings.

And this time we will talk about the appearance of the stylist-perfumer at various events with our specially invited image expert Alyona Koretskaya. 

Therefore, we are waiting for you this Friday, 27 May at 11:00 New York / 16:00 London / 17:00 Rome / 18:00 Moscow / 20:30 New Delhi time at the Perfume Club introductory session dedicated to the image of a stylist-perfumer through a well-chosen wardrobe:

  • for business meetings
  • for aroma presentations and public speaking
  • for aroma tastings


  • Mary Furs - Perfumery expert, founder of the Perfume Academy, co-owner of the Stylist-Perfume brand, responsible for EvoScent Perfume Literacy, aromapsychologist, aromatherapist, MLM leader.
  • Alexander Dolin - Founder of the Perfume Academy, co-owner of the Stylist-Perfumer brand, perfume expert, member of the Major League of MLM, was twice recognized as the best business coach among the TOP MLM leaders in the Russian-speaking space.

+ Specially invited guest

  • Alena Koretskaya - Personal stylist, image and impression management expert, coach, 9 years of experience in fashion and business (shopping support, wardrobe analysis, speaking, ICU coach for millionaires, buyer for WILDBERRIES, women's club by subscription WOW WOMAN CLUB), conducted more than 3000 consultations, acted as a speaker at 300 events, author of online marathons in style and psychology: WOW WEEK, WOW WOMAN, WOW STYLE, MARATHON OF HAPPINESS, DREAM LIFE.

Attention , training links will be sent by e-mail to everyone who has paid for the EvoScent Perfumery Academy product (Advanced or Professional course) or the 1-2 or 1-3 advanced training package. 

See you this Friday!

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