Cryptounit Blockchain Decentralization: No More Limits

In connection with the achievement of full decentralization of the Cryptounit blockchain, the limit on the withdrawal of Cryptounit tokens (CRU) is removed.

We remind you that earlier, in order to contain mass sales and a collapse in the price of the token, a limit on withdrawals to external exchanges and transactions between internal blockchain wallets in the amount of 10 000 CRU per month was introduced. Now, thanks to blockchain decentralization, the number of sent tokens cannot be limited.

Blockchain decentralization was necessary to reach higher levels of network bandwidth and censorship resistance. Decentralization was achieved by involving 21 block producers, selected by community members by voting, in the process of mining and validating blocks.

The Cryptounit blockchain is a fast-growing EOSIO code-based blockchain that provides high transaction speeds with zero transaction fees and high scalability.

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In the near future, the placement of the UNTB token on a number of crypto exchanges is planned. Stay tuned to be the first to know about it.

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