Anti-crisis Business Forum in Barcelona: Tickets Are Already on Sale!

We are announcing the start of ticket sales for the Business Forum which can turn your life around in just two days, directing you towards a promising business in the field of fragrances and beauty!

You will be able to communicate live with the greatest perfumer Ramon Bejar, crypto enthusiast and head of the EvoScent project José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez, international speaker and project manager Galina Zukova, perfume expert and founder of the “Perfume Academy” Mary Furs, as well as with the master of stage speech Sergi Mateu at the forum on May 21.

Imagine the kind of program that awaits you with such an incredible team of experts! Not only will you learn first-hand about the world-class perfume industry and beauty business, but you will also learn to understand the new economic conditions. You will receive a clear plan of actions on how to make a powerful breakthrough in life, and also learn how to properly behave in front of the public.

Missing such an event can cost you several years of independent research, which is an unaffordable luxury today. Therefore, choose the easy way - buy tickets and become an expert in the field of aromas!

The event can only be accessed with a ticket. Choose any of the three types of tickets to take part - STANDARD, VIP or GALA + VIP:

The “STANDARD” ticket will provide you with a basic but productive participation in the event. You will receive step-by-step instructions for building an international business, as well as unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions. The ticket also includes a coffee break and marketing materials.

The “VIP” ticket was created for those who value comfort and business relations. Special privileges, personal service and pleasant surprises await you!

With a ticket "GALA + VIP" you will be fully immersed in the Event! After the official part of the forum, you will have an evening in the circle of successful people at the solemn Gala part.

Ticket privileges:

  • separate passage to the VIP zone without queues
  • perfect view
  • personalized service throughout the event
  • EvoScent presentation set
  • 20% discount voucher for any jewellery, apparel, glasses and other branded products (does not apply to EvoScent packages)
  • finger lunch

For GALA + VIP tickets only, a Gala Dinner is provided in the evening, which includes:

  • entertainment
  • nominations and awards
  • presentation of "The Highest Collection" line of aromas and aroma tasting
  • exclusive gift from Ramon Bejar - Quarzo perfume with white gold for men and yellow gold for women (23 carats)

There are only 430 seats available, so choose the ticket that suits you and book your place now! After payment, further instructions and a link to download your personal ticket will be sent to your email.

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“Master-Mind” training

The event will be held on May 22 and is ideal for those who want to develop and build a profitable and promising business with EvoSсent. The training will allow you to learn all the subtleties of running a perfume business in a compact, but at the same time rich format.

If you are a Partner with the “Consultant” status or higher under the new Evorich bonus plan, participation in the training is free for you - just fill out the form and get your ticket. Please note that tickets are non-refundable in case of an erroneous payment.

What you will learn at the training:

  • conditions for opening an EvoScent franchise
  • perfume rules
  • subtleties and features of the perfume business
  • access to a closed support group on Telegram
  • practical exercises and theory development to achieve the best result
  • useful insights from experts
  • how to grow in the digital world
  • how to use the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence
  • how to work with global influencers and new products
  • coffee break
  • fun and productive conversation!

You will learn how to reach your goals and properly distribute your forces by getting additional motivation for development! And most importantly - feedback from experienced mentors without criticism.

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See you in Barcelona!

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