The Skill of a Great Leader - Public Speaking

The fear of not mattering, that you are somehow not effective, that your opinion doesn’t matter, or that you can’t impact anyone, or change any outcome, is a debilitating feeling. Especially to your sense of self, self-worth, and whether or not you can create positive change in your life when it really matters.

If you feel daily that what you say is not heard, not wanted, not making a difference, then for some people that is the same as being invisible, or worse, having no right to exist.

In this age of unbridled opinions being flung around unfiltered on social media, in the news, in the press, where everyone is shouting to be heard, it can seem like a tall order to actually be noticed. And this is a fundamental human need - to matter, to mean something to someone, and to be able to change someone’s life for the better, even if it’s yours.

What would it mean to have this power given back to you? To realize you already had it in you to be powerful, to share your message, to speak and captivate someone’s attention so fully that they are convinced by what you say, and are moved to take a desired action in their lives.

Igor Nezovibatko, coach and creator of the course “Public Speaking: in Life and Online” says that the ability to persuade and influence is a key skill in any leader. This involves the use of a combination of techniques, presence and personality traits that are used in order to enable the person to have a powerful effect on others.

Despite what may be seen as “natural” or a “gift” that some people may seem to have, it really is something that can be learnt and mastered by anyone, if they are willing to put in the effort, time and practice to master this skill, which can change their lives completely. It cannot be underestimated, and best of all, anyone can do it.

“Public Speaking: in Life and Online” - Basic and Individual course is now open for May/June 2022 intake. (Please note that only the Individual course includes personal individual training sessions with Igor.)

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