How to Access Your Personal STO-Cap Account and Your Bobcoins

Many Evorich partners have already received letters from Bob Ultee and his project with access to their personal STO-cap accounts and Bobcoins donated by Andrey Khovratov from his personal investment portfolio.

But there are also those who, for technical reasons, did not receive such letters with a link to activate the account. For this category of partners, we have prepared step-by-step instructions.

Open instructions for gaining access to the STO-cap account

Pay attention to a few things:

  1. Synchronization was performed both with the Cryptounit blockchain and with the personal account.
  2. Only WorldCryptounit (WCRU) security token holders with Evorich personal accounts participate in the Bobcoins distribution. If there is no Evorich account registered, Bobcoins will not be credited.
  3. The final synchronization will take place in 3-4 weeks, and then Bobcoins will be credited to everyone who made a purchase of WCRU tokens for CRU in the period between synchronizations.
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