Get Access to Your Bobcoins

The founder of our community, Andrey Khovratov, made an incredible gift - he distributed 10 000 000 BOBC tokens from his personal investment portfolio among all Evorich partners who are holders of WorldCryptounit (WCRU) tokens.

And now, the first 350 000 Evorich users have already received emails with links to activate their wallets in their STO-caps account.

What to do next:

  1. Follow the link from the letter and log in to your personal account with the data from the letter. For security purposes, change your password and set up two-factor authentication (2FA).
  2. Pass verification, for this you will need: a passport or other ID card, a photo with a passport or ID card in hand, a bank statement/utility bill/confirmation from a government agency to verify the address.
  3. Register on one or more crypto exchanges where BOBC is traded: LBankBitMartXt.comDecoinDigifinexBibox.
  4. If you want to withdraw your unlocked* BOBC, copy the BOBC wallet address on the exchange to your STO-Cap personal account profile. To avoid errors in the wallet address, copy it instead of manually retyping.

* All BOBC received as a gift will be blocked under the terms of the token sale, but a phased unlock will begin in April/May, which, if desired, will allow you to sell tokens on the above exchanges. Unfreeze conditions: 0.5% per week of the number of coins credited to you as a gift, full unfreeze will be completed after 50 months.

The accrual message comes from If you haven't received the email, check your Spam folder, it might have ended up there, or wait - this week the links will be sent to all other Evorich partners.

Learn more about BOBC distribution among Evorich members: open the PDF

More about BOBC:

EVORICH-BOBCOIN (BOBC) steps to take

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