The Stunning EVENTI2021 Is Over

We Collected the Most Important in One Place

The Stunning Eventi 2021 Is Over

Evorich is a fast growing global company with over 1.6 million registered users in over 180 countries, speaking more than 12 languages. But above all, Evorich ecosystem is a community of successful people who have become one big family.

This year our community celebrates its 7th anniversary. To sum up and “check the compass”, the company's partners gather at the EVENTI business conference, which is held in different parts of the world annually and has already become one of the largest in the world. This year the celebration took place in Dubai.

It was an unforgettable bright holiday full of impressive news, positive emotions and pleasant surprises.

On the stage of the luxurious Mövenpick Grand Al Bustan hotel, the first persons of the company took stage - the founder and ideological inspirer Andrey Khovratov, representatives of the Strategic Department - Armands Murnieks, Mila Serdjukova and Dragos Stanciu, as well as Top-Leaders of the company, members of the Board of Ambassadors and project managers - Valentin Sokolnikov, Artyom Kabanov, Valery Petrov, Tatiana Zhuravleva, Ivan Poluyanchik, Anete Martinsone, Alena Pepina, Emanuele Baroni, Giovanni de Rose, Francesco Cannone, Ellen Koster, Juan Ayala, John Preston, José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguearz, Ramon Manuel Álvarez Rodríguearz, Ramon Bejar, Sergi Mateo.

Andrey Khovratov made a closing speech and shared the secrets of how to achieve success and never be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and also shared important news and thoughts on the development and plans of the company for the next 5 years.

The Stunning Eventi 2021 Is Over

So, the main news and surprises that the company has prepared for the holiday:

  1. A new Evorich Smart Card marketing tool has been launched, which, with the help of a chatbot, will allow 10-100 rendezvous per day on a full automatic basis.
  2. A new marketing tool to grow your business at Evorich was launched - iDecide personalized and interactive presentations.
  3. We have developed our own messenger, which can help you expand our community. We will tell you more about this project in the near future.
  4. The launch date of the long-awaited author's course on trading by Artyom Kabanov is known - November 1, 2021. And for all EVENTI 2021 participants, a surprise has been prepared: the full "Trader: Higher Education" course with a 35% discount (in the first 72 hours from the start of sales)!
  5. Preparations are underway for the launch of new convenient personal accounts. In addition, the Evorich app, first presented at EVENTI 2021, is already available on Google Play. Download the app, do not forget to leave a review and rate it with 5 stars.
  6. Global Unit Pay: the company is already ready to start selling gold and platinum cards. The opportunity to order a card will appear simultaneously with the option of renting European addresses, so that everyone can take advantage of this opportunity.
  7. An enchanting presentation of the EvoScent perfumery direction took place on the EVENTI 2021 stage. Each participant was presented with a collection of 8 luxurious fragrances. Moreover, until 23:00 Moscow time on October 31, 2021, all registered Evorich users also have a unique opportunity - to receive a perfume collection of eight EvoScent samples as a gift! Place an order using the link.
  8. For their invaluable contribution to the development of the company, Andrey Khovratov, Armands Murnieks, Mila Serdjukova received the status of "President for Life". Sergio Ospina was posthumously awarded “President” status.
  9. Evorich World Tour. Regional EVENTI conferences can also be held in your country from November 2021 to May 2022. Condition of holding: from 5 000 acting Invest-Consultants.
  10. The venue for EVENTI 2022 has been determined - the celebration will take place in October 2022 in Mexico.
  11. After EVENTI 2022, a cruise on a liner across the Caribbean will be organized for partners with "Leader-Manager" statuses and higher.
  12. A new super promotion has been announced for active partners from 1.10.2021 to 1.10.2022. Having received the status from “Consultant” to “President”, partners will receive super prizes - from branded bags to supercars and luxury apartments.
The Stunning Eventi 2021 Is Over

In addition, at the end of the celebration, a beautiful gala dinner was held with solemn congratulations and awards of partners in several categories:

  • congratulations and awards from the international association "Worlds Generals - for Peace";
  • presentation and congratulations of the new Evorich ecosystem Top-Leaders Council;
  • certificates were awarded to the graduates of the "Invest-consultant + Profi-investor 1 category" program, as well as the qualifications of "Invest-consultant" were awarded.

We thank all partners for their active participation in the life of our community. All this has been achieved by you. There are even more new projects and victories ahead.

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