Attention! Dates Are Known!

EVENTI 2020 will be held from 17 to 21 October 2020 in Moscow

Attention! EVENTI 2020 dates are known

What event is most anticipated by Evorich ecosystem partners in 2020? Of course it is EVENTI 2020!

And we have great news! The date and city of the main event of 2020 are known!

Timetable of events:

  • 17 October – international “Genius of Finance” tournament
  • 19-20 October 2020 – New Economic Evolution of the World conference EVENTI 2020
  • 21 October – World Forum

The EVENTI Conference is first of all a powerful environment, your multiple accelerator. You fall into a community of people with common goals and ambitions. Many have already reached what you are still striving for. It energizes, invigorates and automatically takes you to the next level.

Details, location and the opportunity to book your participation in this event will be available later.

Only NEEW Consumer community partners with the “Consultant” status and above can participate. You still have time to increase your rank to the required one and get to the main meeting of 2020.

We would like to remind you that, only until 31.03.2020, you have the unique opportunity to become an owner of a VIP-ticket to EVENTI 2020 for the first rows FOR FREE! For this you have to complete certain conditions – sign up to the MLCI Marathon 260, visit over 55% of lessons and complete over 55% of homework throughout the whole training.

EVENTI 2019, how it was:

Watch and refresh your memory of the bright celebration of EVENTI 2019 in New Delhi (India), which gathered over 20 000 partners from around the world.

Tickets to the most large scale event of this year are available for purchase!

We hope you get the lucky ticket which will double your CRU points and rain gold on you.

So hurry to become a participant of these 2 enchanting days of unity of thousands of people from all over the world, united by one big idea to change the world.

Buy a ticket to EVENTI 2020 >>

Eventi 2020: Feel It Again

Surely you remember what a celebration Eventi 2020 was. Every year, in honor of our company’s birthday, we hold an event where tens of thousands of partners from all over the world gather to learn the hottest news, learn about the success stories of the world’s leading speakers in the field of multilevel business, exchange experiences with friends and learn a lot of new and useful information at master classes.

This year we radically changed the format and brought everything online. If you missed something or did not have time to watch it live, or maybe you could not get to the event, then good news for you!

Now you can enjoy watching the recorded 1st session of EVENTI 2020! In it you will find the hottest news:

Watch the Eventi 2020 recording in the language that suits you:

Thank you for being with us on this important day.

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