Ethics Department’s Appeal

To Evorich Ecosystem Partners

Ethics Department’s Appeal to Partners

Partners are the driving force behind the development of any project. But, unfortunately, some of them, sometimes without realizing it themselves, defame the company’s activities by incorrectly using marketing tools.

In this regard, please read the Ethics Department’s appeal:

Dear partners of the Academy of a Private Investor

The Evorich Ethics Department identified cases of incorrect use of information relating to the activities of our company, as well as our logos and other attributes on social networks. Our goal is to create a financially competent and progressively thinking community of partners with the subsequent implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).

You cause the company and its partners, including yourself, significant harm by using our attributes and distorting the essence of our activities, which can negatively affect our plans and future activities.

As stated above, the Legal and Ethics Departments prohibit to:

Use logos and link SWIG and SkyWay with the activities of our company.

Incorrect usage of Evorich, CRU, NEEW and API logos and attributes.

Disseminate false information about the activities of our company.

Use the words and derivatives of “Investments” in connection with our activities and the activities of our partners.

We ask all Leaders of the Global and Local Leadership Councils to pay attention to what your partners write and post on social networks, since the success of our company, and therefore our partners, depends on our clear and well-coordinated work!

In case of detection of the above violations, we will be forced to take action, up to blocking accounts.

We look forward to your help and cooperation for the benefit of our community!

Best regards, Ethics Department of the Academy of a Private Investor

Appeal document

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