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NEEW - The New Economic Evolution of the World

New Economic Evolution of the World

A message by Andrey Khovratov to all people about the New Economic Evolution of the World - NEEW!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your understanding of and trust in our mutual goal! Ever since you became a participant of the closed club, our company and its goal have become mutual.

Dear friends! Welcome to the New Economic Evolution of the World with our CryptoUnit Program!

One of the main reasons for global revolutions is economic inequality. As everybody knows that 1% of the richest people in the world own more wealth than 99% of the others, which often leads to division, class inequality and social unrest, which results in revolutions, wars and terrorism. The term “revolution” implies radical, a sudden change in some area of human activity. But are such fundamental changes always useful to society? The question is a rhetorical one.

What do we offer?

We offer a unification of all social layers for soft transfer to a new model of economic development, the model of prosperity and wealth for all humanity – New Economic Evolution of the World.

Society can get on the path of prosperity only if most average people get the opportunity to become co-owners of productions and enterprises, large businesses, companies and breakthrough technologies. This will provide the society with an opportunity to go down a completely different path of development. Only in this way will most people live in financial sufficiency and prosperity, and therefore any reason for war will dissipate.

Creation of the CryptoUnit will help realize the NEEW program in a very short time. The main goal of the CryptoUnit project is to unite over 35% of people on the planet to implement the New Economic Evolution of the World. All of this will create the foundation for development for future generations, who will honour our beginnings at all times.

I know and believe that we are bound for success, without a doubt!

Only by uniting will we create a New Prosperous World! We can win only when everyone wins. Each one of us can become prosperous only when everyone prospers!

If you are not a member yet contact us for more information, or simply join here.

With limitless faith in the implementation of NEEW, author and founder of Evorich ecosystem, Academy of a Private Investor and the CryptoUnit ProgramAndrey Khovratov.

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