Dissemination Policy for Evorich Partners

Dissemination Policy for Evorich Partners

More and more Evorich partners understand what endless opportunities the Internet offers for the development of their business.

The most popular tools today are their own sites and blogs, channels and chats in instant messengers, groups in social networks.

And to ensure your work brings only positive emotions and results, we remind you of some rules for posting information on your personal information resources:

1. In order not to mislead Evorich ecosystem partners, the use of the word "official" in the name of your resource in conjunction with the name of the company is prohibited.

2. Adhere to the information posted on the official website of the Company or in the Personal Account only.

3. Write texts adhering to the Code of Ethics of the Company. (From point 5. PROHIBITED ACTIONS:

  • 5.1. Use spam mailings in social networks, Skype and to e-mail addresses to promote the Company's services.
  • 5.2. Give interviews in the media and on TV, as well as publish announcements in print media on topics directly related to the Company's activities, without the consent of the management.)

4. It is necessary to give feedback about other Companies in a positive manner, without unfounded criticism and any comparisons.

5. It is forbidden to offer other information and recruit Evorich partners to other Companies in the public domain.

6. Update outdated information on your pages, channels, blogs, etc., adhering only to the current information published on the official website and in your Personal Account.

7. It is forbidden to inform people with false information and combine our Projects with any (other) investment projects (such as SkyWay) or products, as well as post old irrelevant logos (such as SWIG).

We ask you to pay special attention to these rules and bring them to the attention of your partners. Partners will be fined or their personal account will be blocked for non-compliance with the rules.

Best regards, Ethics Department team.

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