The Date of the Transition to the 4th Stage of WCRU is Known!

The Date of the Transition to the 3rd Stage of WCRU Is Known!

Transition to stage 4 of the WCRU security token will take place on 8 September 2021, which will entail an inevitable reduction in the discount. Until that time you have the opportunity to become the owner of a share in the Global Investment Portfolio on favorable terms, which will no longer exist.

Share this news with your friends, acquaintances and partners so that as many people as possible can “jump on the departing train” and receive WCRU security tokens with the third stage discount.

Compare the benefits:

  • 3 stage (current cost) — 1 WCRU = 0,8 UNT (USD)
  • 4 stage (on 8 September 2021) — 1 WCRU = 1 UNT (USD)

You need to take just a few simple steps to become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio with an independent assessment of over $ 11.5 billion on current favorable terms:

  1. Go to the UGPay Group Personal Account. If you are not registered, register here for free.
  2. Top up the Personal Account for the required amount.
  3. Become a member of the ELITE-club*. At your discretion, but this will give the opportunity to get up to 100% more WCRU.
  4. Enter the payment amount and buy WCRU tokens (if you paid for the ELITE-club use the Bulk purchase with a discount).

* Only until September 7, 23:59 Moscow time, the promotional price of the ELITE-club is only 10 UNT. With the transition to the 4th stage of WCRU development, i.e. from September 8, the cost of the ELITE-club will be 100 UNT.

Feel the difference on the example of buying a package for 5000 UNT:

Today you will get: 6 250 WCRU Today you will get: 10 417 WCRU
From 8 September: 5 000 WCRU From 8 September: 8 333 WCRU

Hurry up - this offer is valid oly until 7 September 2021, 16:59 New York / 21:59 London / 22:59 Rome / 23:59 Moscow time.

Join the Global Evorich Ecosystem Project right now, so you don’t have to regret missed opportunities in the future.

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