Cryptounit Webinar

Everything You Need to Know About the Inner Workings of the Cryptounit Blockchain
4 June at 8:00 New York / 13:00 London / 14:00 Rome / 15:00 Moscow / 17:30 New Delhi time

Cryptounit Webinar

A couple of years ago, it became clear that blockchain is the future. At the moment, decentralized technologies are increasingly being introduced into various areas of our lives: new systems of smart contracts, data transfer control, new encryption methods, etc. are being created.

In the near future, everyone will encounter this breakthrough technology in one form or another. It's inevitable.

Therefore, we invite you to a webinar to learn more about this technology using the Cryptounit blockchain as an example on 4 June at 8:00 New York / 13:00 London / 14:00 Rome / 15:00 Moscow / 17:30 New Delhi time.

Topics of the meeting:

  • Goals and Values of the Cryptounit Blockchain
  • What is a node in the blockchain
  • Who are block producers and what are they for?
  • How to become a network validator
  • Connexio - a new era of global communication


  • Ivan Poluyanchik - Financial management specialist, graduate of the “Master-Profi” and “MLCI Marathon 260” trainings, crypto enthusiast, went from a teacher to a private portfolio investor.
  • Emanuele Baroni - Representative of the Evorich Top Leaders Council, NDE project manager, mental coach, training manager in Italy, international speaker.

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See you on June 4 at 15:00 Moscow time. Don't be late.

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