Cryptounit Souvenir Coin

Purest Gold
24 Carats, 35 gr, 40 mm in Diameter

Cryptounit Souvenir Coin

In honor of the historic date, the 5-year anniversary of the NEEW group of companies, we are providing a lucrative offer to our special partners who understand the importance of collecting gold coins!

The product includes:

Parameters of the CRYPTOUNIT souvenir coin:

  • The purest gold - 24 carats (995 content), 35 g, 40 mm in diameter;  
  • Hammering: Indian;
  • A reliable expensive case for protection against mechanical damage as a gift.

You may get the CRYPTOUNIT souvenir coin in the New Delhi office (India) by printing out, filling out and signing the form in advance. 

If you have any questions, contact +393356738977

Limited edition! 

Purchase limit: 1 EIP per person.

Hurry up to give yourself an exceptional and unique present and become part of history of the New Economic Evolution of the World!

List of educational courses:

+  8 Rules of a Private Investor (90 minute)

  • 8 educational videos will submerge you into the basics of investing. You will understand that even following simple rules will lead you to a successful and free life.

+  Eight rules of a Private Investor. What every investor needs to know (76 minutes)

  1. Rule 1 (Investments and investing)
  2. Keep the 5 commandments of a Private Investor
  3. Set your financial plan
  4. Diversification of an investor's capital
  5. Keep investment discipline
  6. Greed and laziness lead to bankruptcy
  7. Always learn about investing
  8. Always increase your capital

+  8 Principles of continuously growing Success (90 minutes)

  • 13 educational videos (10 basic steps + 3 bonus educational videos), where you will learn how to create a business-plan of your dream, find out how to obtain confidence, how to make decisions, dream and start living the life of your dream in 1-3 months.

+  Auditing your finances. Preparing the ground for setting goals for next year (90 minutes)

  1. Audit
  2. The wheel of life balance
  3. Incomes and expenses. Analysis and balance
  4. Family budget
  5. Methods of distributing incomes and expenses
  6. Goals. Setting financial goals

+  Why it is so important to keep track of money and how to multiply it using simple commandments of a Private Investor. Why it is important to multiply capital and how education helps with it (107 minutes)

  1. Save 10% of all your incomes
  2. Strict control of incomes and expenses
  3. Protect your money from losses
  4. Learn to invest
  5. Learn to always earn more
  6. Liquidity

+  How to be in the flow of the rich (97 minutes)

  1. Formation of investment thinking
  2. Money flow quadrant
  3. Types of family budgets
  4. Assets, Liabilities
  5. Flows of the poor and the rich

+  Foundations of investing (88 minutes)

  1. Understanding the science of investing
  2. Foundations of investing rules
  3. Main investing habits
  4. Investing philosophy

+  Foundations of Capitalization (73 minutes)

  1. How 1 $ turns into 1 mln $
  2. About Investing
  3. Compound interest
  4. Capitalization, capital income, investment deductions. How 1 $ turns into 1 mln $. 60 minutes of video about practical handling of money, plus a systematic incomes and expenses table. Learning basic concepts.Practical exercises with capitalization calculation with different investment deductions, different interest rates for different investment terms.

+  Basics of Creating Financial Plans. Alternative pension plan (80 minutes)

  1. Dreams, Desires, Goals
  2. Basics of creating a financial plan
  3. How to create a FP of security and comfort
  4. Financial plan: "Highly profitable pension"

+  Additional sources of Income (90 minutes)

  • Understanding how capital is created and multiplied. Just earning isn't enough. Living on a single wage is a crime. You have to create other sources of income (income planning). What the opportunities are, what to choose from.
  1. We will look at 20 investment directions
  2. Traditional entrepreneurship
  3. Franchising
  4. MLM-entrepreneurship
  5. MCI-entrepreneur
  6. Internet-entrepreneurship

+  What is a financial pyramid and how to valuate investment companies (110 minutes)

  1. Your hobby - is it an asset or a liability?
  2. What are HYIP-projects?
  3. How a HYIP project is different from an investment company
  4. What is a pyramid?
  5. Types of financial pyramids
  6. What risks exist when investing in a HYIP

+  On financial plans and portfolios (142 minutes)

  1. Why a financial plan
  2. Why diversification?
  3. Criteria ratio
  4. Portfolio thinking

+  Principles of instrument choice by criteria. Portfolio thinking (80 minutes)

  1. Objects of a Private Investor. 22 objects
  2. Understanding the object and instrument
  3. What we need to pay attention to when choosing a financial instrument
  4. Portfolio thinking

+  First steps of a Private Investor (960 minutes)

  • Topics of skills and habits for a beginner investor. Formation of investment thinking. On debts and financial plans. Investment instrument valuation. Where to start investing. On financial markets. How to save capital.

+  How to turn any dream into reality (488 minutes)

  • Recording of a training about dreams. Setting goals and tasks. What to do and how to do it to make dreams come true.

+  How to achieve success when you are already successful or have been successful (235 minutes)

  • Video recording of a training.

+  Game of life (885 minutes)

  • 9 recording of an online training consisting of two steps. The training teaches how to focus on the important, approach work creatively. Planning and deadlines. Completing tasks on the topic of the training.

+  Analysis of Financial instruments and investing objects (93 minutes)

  1. How to test financial objects and instruments
  2. Foundations of analysis
  3. Foundational indicators of company valuation
  4. Macroeconomic indicators
  5. Company valuation by Warren Buffett

+  Features of a venture project (90 minutes)

  1. Venture investing. History
  2. Development stages of venture projects
  3. Participants (players) in venture investing
  4. Prospects of this direction

+  What Stock exchanges are (76 minutes)

  1. Stock exchanges, history of their creation
  2. Largest stock exchanges
  3. Organization of the exchanges’ work
  4. Stock exchange instruments and multiplying capital
  5. Securities (stocks and bonds)

+  What Securities exist (60 minutes)

  1. Securities, types
  2. Bonds
  3. Futures, options, promissory notes

+  IPO - Initial public offering (109 minutes)

  1. What is IPO?
  2. What is IСO?
  3. How can a private investor use IPO and IСO?

+  What are ETF stock exchanges? (83 minutes)

  1. What is ETF
  2. ETF in a private investor’s portfolio

+  Everything about cryptocurrencies (55 minutes)

  • What is blockchain, history of cryptocurrencies creation

You can get the CRYPTOUNIT souvenir coin in the New Delhi NEEW office by printing out, filling out and signing this form.

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