Cryptounit Blockchain

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Cryptounit blockchain

As you know, Evorich ecosystem began work on the creation of our own Cryptounit Blockchain in March 2020.

We launched a test-net version in April 2020, and moved on to a production-version of our blockchain, based on 4 nodes, in May. On 10 March 2021, our own Cryptounit blockchain was officially launched.

Personal Account has been fully synchronized with the Cryptounit Blockchain

A link to your Cryptounit blockchain account is available in the “Portfolio” section of your UGPay Group Personal Account.

A complete upload of data to our own blockchain took just a few hours. It could have been done in a few minutes, but this could lead to undesirable loads on the personal accounts server, so everything was done for optimal speed and security.

The most important thing when working with an own blockchain is a complete lack of commissions

List of works done on the Cryptounit blockchain in May 2020 (Second stage):

  • “Tokenomics” technical specification, required for basic network settings with a detailed description of three CryptoUnit project tokens, has been generated and approved;
  • the terms of reference for the UNTB tokens emission formula have been formed;
  • the terms of reference for writing smart contracts for the distribution of profi bonuses and loyalty program bonuses in USDU tokens have been formed;
  • publication of Smart Contract code and validation tests on the open repository GitHub;
  • design concept and browser design itself approved;
  • work on the implementation of adaptive CryptoUnit Explorer is underway;
  • configuration of a secure scalable 4-node infrastructure was completed, including the configuration of a Kubernetes cluster on 5 nodes;
  • concept of continuous integration and CI/CD delivery, etc.;
  • development of technical specifications for a multi-platform wallet;
  • beginning of work on the implementation of a multi-platform wallet prototype;
  • beginning of work on the formation of technical specifications for the creation of the exchange.

And remember: those who own information, own the situation, while those who own the situation, get the greatest benefits.

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