Cryptounit Blockchain

Complete the Conversion Now

Why convert CRU to WCRU?

Cryptounit Blockchain: Complete the Conversion Now

Dear partners, we hasten to inform you that the work to eliminate known errors on the Cryptounit blockchain has been completed on 21 June 2021. This means that those of you who were unable to convert CRU to WCRU tokens can do so right now!

Before the conversion, clear the cache and cookies in your browser, and also do not forget to update balances on the blockchain browser and put UNTB in staking for CPU.

Why convert CRU to WorldCRU (WCRU)? The fact is that WCRU is a security token, a digital share that allows you to receive a share in the global investment portfolio. In addition, all bonuses under the loyalty program and profi bonuses are credited specifically to WCRU security tokens.

Use the step-by-step conversion instructions.

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