CRU Token

CRU Collateral Token of the Cryptounit Blockchain

CRU token

CRU stands for Cryptounit

The phenomenal story of the Cryptounit program began in March 2019 with the CRU.

Firstly, people received them as bonus points by purchasing financial educational packages from their back-offices (personal accounts). Later on, the CRU points were transformed into tokens as promised by Andrey Khovratov and on 15 January 2020, in strict accordance with the plans, CRU tokens were transferred to the international public blockchain – Ethereum.

But for us, aiming at the best solution for our clients, this was not enough! On 3 June 2020 our own Cryptounit blockchain was launched! Now, a link to your Cryptounit blockchain account is available in the PORTFOLIO section of your CRU and UGPAY GROUP Personal Account (back-office).

On 08 April 2021, at 13:00 Central European time, the conversion of CRU tokens for WCRU security tokens on the Cryptounit blockchain became available.

Terms of Exchange of CRU to WCRU

  • CRU tokens participating in the exchange for WCRU go to the BURNCRU account and are "burned".
  • Thus, over 3 years, CRU tokens will be withdrawn from circulation on the condition that all 100% of investors will want to make the exchange.
  • If the free market and exchange trading of unlocked CRU tokens are attractive to the investors, the CRU tokens will stay in the market and the corresponding reserved number of WCRU will be kept on the INTERCHANGE account for 3 years.
  • If the WCRU tokens on the INTERCHANGE account are not claimed for exchange before 01. October 2023, then those tokens will become the property of UGPay Group AG and will be offered to other investors.

If you missed out the opportunity to get CRU points/tokens, you can register here for free and purchase WCRU tokens directly from your back-office.

CRU Application Areas

  • Staking available inside a cryptocurrency wallet (just like for the WCRU) to generate income in UNTB token, which is generated every minute.
  • Exchange CRU tokens on UnitEx Exchange for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies

Where to Buy CRU Tokens

On UNITEX Exchange, which is a trading platform that provides cryptocurrency wallet management services, and also includes crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions.

You can also buy CRU tokens here:

UnitEx Exchange Features

  • Reliable storage: They have the best technical and security team that develops cold and hot wallets. Customer’s funds are stored in custodian wallets
  • Lower Exchange Fees: UnitEx One, which makes part of the Evorich ecosystem, provides trading facilities in a very low price and market maker fees are also low in amount
  • Universal trade: UnitEx One maintains a positional trade and the trade on the market. And also they have staking tokens on the blockchain to generate revenue under the Proof-of-Stake concession
  • High speed data flow: The UnitEx One exchange is built on micro services and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, that makes high-speed operations possible
  • Secured Wallet: Designed to deposit and withdraw 20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins (and other most popular altcoins)
  • Reliable Security Solutions: Provides 2 step verification to authenticate users and protect them from
  • Users around the world: Traders from more than 130 countries can join UnitEx Exchange and get access to a full range of services
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