CRU Token is on Blockchain!

UPDATE: on 10 February 2021
our own 
Cryptounit blockchain was launched

CRU Token is on Blockchain

Dear clients and partners! I want to congratulate you on the beginning of an important stage in the development of our Evorich ecosystem infrastructure as part of the implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World program!

From 15.01.2020, in strict accordance with the plans announced at the summary meeting dated 12.28.2019, all accounting for the storage and reflection of transactions of CRU tokens were transferred to the international public blockchain – Ethereum.

From this moment, safety of information on issued CRU tokens and operations conducted with them is completely ensured. At the same time, the use of the Ethereum blockchain guarantees access to the entire infrastructure and services running on this blockchain, and provides the conditions for further improvement of our system, as a result of which it is planned to implement the possibility of trading CRU tokens.

Each participant of the program can verify the fact of creation of new blockchain infrastructure and control the availability of tokens and operations by reflecting them in a public depository.

In order to ensure public control over the CRU issuance process, a single depository was created on the Ethereum blockchain, which, from this day on, contains all emissions planned in our documents, limited to 80,000,000,000 CRU tokens (CryptoUnit).

The CRU contract has been created.   

This contract is divided into 2 accounts:

1. Ethereum Issue Depositary Account Address, which displays all issued but not distributed CRU tokens: 

2. The address of the depository with client accounts on the Ethereum blockchain, where all distributed CRU tokens of program participants are reflected:  

Attention! From today, any Ethereum blockchain user can control both the total number of issued and their own CRU tokens, which guarantees complete public transparency and accountability of our operating infrastructure for storing your CRU tokens.

At the next stage in the development of our system, information that reflects the entire history of operations occurring in the depository on the page of your personal account will be available.

I want to congratulate all our users and holders of CRU tokens (CryptoUnit) on the fact that we successfully passed the first phase for the transition of work to the blockchain and in the near future – the launch of trading operations on the cryptomarket!

With respect to all of you, our users and participants of the CryptoUnit Program in the NEEW consumer community.

Your senior partner, colleague and friend Andrey Khovratov.

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