Congratulations on the New Statuses for July 2022

Congratulations to all the Evorich leaders who showed excellent results and reached new statuses under the partner program in July 2022.

The following partners are on our virtual leadership pedestal this month:


  • Jenet Ngurliantluangi - India, Feinuam


  • Ha Nguyen Thi Thu - Vietnam, Gia Lam
  • Johan Lalrinfela Ngente - India, Tlangnuam
  • Jongte Rohmingthanga - India, West Phaileng
  • Merodiyska Krassimirova Valia Victoria - Italy, Pistoia
  • Mizo Rosangpuii - India, Aijal
  • Naulak Linda - India, Churachandpur
  • R. Laldinpuii - India, Aijal
  • Rangaraj Nagaraj - India, Coimbatore
  • Sivaraj Anbazhakan - India, Polachi



We thank you for the excellent work and wish you rapid career growth in the next periods! We are sure that you can do it, because we have increased your chances of success by extending the main MAXIMUM STATUS 2022 promotion until 31 January 2023, Moscow midnight!

You will not only be able to attract more new partners and receive the usual rewards under the bonus plan by participating in it, but also get additional chic prizes from branded accessories to premium cars and luxury apartments by doing what you normally do.

You can find out all the details, choose the main prize, set a goal and follow the result on the MAXIMUM STATUS 2022 page.

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