Business Forum in Barcelona 2022
How Was It and Will It Happen Again?

Business Forum in Barcelona 2022

Hardly any event of the past weekend can compete with the incredible forum that took place at the ABBA Hotel in Barcelona.

More than a hundred partners, inspired by the idea of EvoScent, came from all over the world - from the USA, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Belarus, the UAE, France and other countries, to get their experience live at the anti-crisis business forum.

First of all, the event aimed to convey the concept of the EvoScent brand, the project development trajectory and the growth opportunities for each partner. Of course, the company's strategy takes into account all modern realities, so it can be safely called anti-crisis. International speakers covered in detail the most pressing topics of business development and spoke about the mechanism of tools for the personal progress of each participant. 

The following topics were covered in detail:

  • The story of the life and work of the great perfumer Ramon Bejar
  • EvoScent plans for further product development
  • Benefits and brand value today

All participants tasted the aromas of the outstanding line of niche perfumery "The Highest". Their creator Ramon Bejar spoke in detail about the intricacies of preparing each flavor. And the founder of EvoSchool and technical expert in the field of perfumery, Mary Furs, presented a training program where everyone can present fragrances to the public in the same worthy manner.   

Following this, EvoScent Ambassador Galina Zhukova revealed to the participants the possibilities of the project for the development of each partner. Xavi Baldo, an active leader and founder of the blockchain school, spoke about modern money generation technologies.  

The day ended with a grandiose Gala Dinner, where Ramon Bejar charmed all participants with a creative presentation of EvoScent, and also presented everyone with perfume from the famous Cuarzo The Circle brand.

The next day was devoted to training at the EvoScent office, where Alexander Dolin and Mary Furs detailed the learning process at the Perfume Academy and ignited the participants for new achievements in the new reality. 

Many participants admitted that it was an unforgettable and unique event, when they could see the experts in their field, taste the flavors of a valuable product and really feel the ideas and concepts of the new world. 

Everyone who didn't manage to participate this time, don't worry - the request for a second meeting is great, so we will definitely repeat it!

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