Bobcoin (BOBC)


Bobcoin is essentially a digital representation of the ownership rights of Bob Eco's shares.

The funds will be used to purchase profit generating assets such as electric vehicles and charging cabinets. Bob Eco`s ICO is branded an ICO-WA due to this tangible asset purchase which in turn leads to organic asset growth through the income these assets generate

The Bobcoin Token distribution enables the Bob.Eco Business model. Maximizing tokens for Developers and users of the ecosystem first and both providing price flexibility for long term growth ( see the Bobcoin Distribution model in Tokenomics). The real value of Bobcoin is explained in Tokenomics. The Tokenomics points to the economics of Bobcoin.

Bobcoin - A Value-driven Utility Coin

Funds gained through the ICO-WA will be used for asset purchases linked to the Bobcoin, which acts as a utility token linking the coin owner to this specific asset.

Bob Eco is integrating blockchain technology into its asset management systems to show the assets linked to Bobcoin.

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Investing in Bobcoin it's easier than you think!

  1. Register a wallet (sign up)
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Purchase Bobcoins - Select how many you want to buy and pay with debit or credit cards or any other payment method offered.

Roadmap after listing


Bobcoin has become stakeable

Start pre-sale bobcoin

MARCH 2022
Start sale on launchpad for investors

APRIL 2022
The listing of bobcoin on the primary market making the coin publicly available

MAY 2022
Blockchain Asset Management Systems

MAY 2023
  • Creation of Utility Tokens for rental
  • Creation of Utility Tokens for lease-to-own
  • Creation of Utility Tokens for battery swapping

  • Open your account with Bob Eco where you can purchase Bobcoins

    Bobcoin vs Bitcoin: Which is the Better Cryptocurrency To Invest In?

    Bobcoin (BOBC) has been in news recently due to its surging prices. Take a look at the difference between Bitcoin and Bobcoin and decide for yourself which is the better cryptocurrency of the two. 

    Bobcoin has surged nearly 1,500 per cent in the previous year. Bobcoin has become the 40th biggest cryptocurrency by market value just within 14 months.

    On the face it may look like Bobcoin may grow in future more than Bitcoin, but the latter is much more widely known and still dominates the cryptocurrency market. Thus at this level, there still isn’t a sure reason as to why one must not invest in Bitcoin. 

    Bitcoin has had many price runs over the past years as it started with trade for pennies in 2009 and had reached $68,000 per coin by 2022. This figure is still the highest of all cryptocurrencies of all time. 

    Bobcoin has recently turned the market upside down with a sudden hike over the year.

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