Armands Murnieks

A Multi-level Business Trainer

Armands Murnieks

Armands Murnieks is:

  • Evorich President
  • Evorich Ecosystem Leader of Europe, USA and Asia
  • Global Transnet UK Director
  • Professional coach and motivational speaker
  • Private Investor and shareholder
  • Board member of Art Team and Emirates Mentor company
  • Master Profi and Genius of Finance coach
  • Expert in self development strategies and sales

Armands Murnieks, Born in Riga Latvia, has been in the Network Marketing Business since 2014

He started working when he was 7 years old by selling news papers, washing cars etc. He realized that most of his family members are not successful although they were trying their best. He saw them struggling, so he joined many businesses at the age of 15, he got involved in hospitality business at a hotel as a luggage porter and a receptionist.

In 2013, Armands Murnieks suffered a spinal injury while working at the hotel. He realized that people are replaceable so he wanted to start something new, where the income depends from him and that should be something unique where no one can actually replace him.

His life drastically changed through network marketing which lead him to live the lifestyle he always dreamt of. Traveling around the world with his beloved wife whom he regards as the best Mentor of his life. He has been studying and being coached by many famous trainers around the world to become the better version of himself. He created a family in the network marketing business, within 5 years, he trained more than 242,000 people from 170 countries in his organization. He has the highest rank in his company, and is a 7 figure earner. His vision on how to impact others life is by treating life as a game, to be fearless and push them to do something that they have never done before, to achieve the results they have never achieve before.

Armands Review of MLCI (Multi Level Crowd Investing) business:

What is Armands Murnieks saying about himself:

First of all, I am an investor. That is, I am able to save and increase my money. With minimal investment, I manage to create decent capital.

In My personal investment portfolio there are more than 157 instruments from 10 segments of the investment market. My money is constantly working and bring passive income. Secondly, I am conducting a multi-level business of the new format (Multi-Level Crowd Investing) in 170 countries. Our team has over 215,000 business partners and but if you would like to have place where you will be guided by me and my leaders towards your success, then contact me and I will guide you through.

Armands Murnieks

I give people the opportunity to learn how to invest. You will receive most of the materials without money. This is beneficial for us, because without millions of people, our plan cannot be realized.

We give real investment tools that are available with small amounts from $ 100. These are established enterprises and manufacturing companies that need financing at the initial stage of development. So each member of the New Economic Evolution of the Worls becomes a co-owner of the most promising companies necessary for the development of civilization.  We finance projects through a multi-level crowdfunding system. So every active business partner can make money without limits.

A rare and old video with Armands Murnieks explaining the power of our Cryptounit program:

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