About the Projects of the Global Investment Portfolio

The main trend of the modern world is globalization. On the one hand, a world without borders means progress and creation, on the other - it is destruction, poverty, environmental disasters of the same scale. UGPay Group creates a new global ecosystem in which all enterprises, technologies and industries form the global investment portfolio. One share of the company is equal to one security WorldCRU token. Each person, purchasing WorldCRU tokens, becomes a co-owner of the global investment portfolio, thereby contributing to the development of high technologies, environmental protection, and creation of a prosperous and healthy society.

The global investment portfolio is: 

  • International educational project Academy of a Private Investor
  • Film studio "Amalgama" 
  • Edu Cafe restaurant chain 
  • The international hotel chain franchise under the brand Spa Hotel Lazurnaya 
  • High-tech and environmentally friendly production: innovative production of basalt fiber, diamond production, the “Ural Gold” project 
  • High-tech products in the IT industry: uGain project and "Digital guarantees" 
  • and many more...

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UGPay Group AG - is a group of companies with Swiss jurisdiction that has launched a global project in the field of finance and blockchain technologies. UGPay Group AG goals: 

  • Creation of a Global Investment Portfolio through the sale of WorldCRU security tokens.
  • Development of high-tech and highly profitable enterprises and companies in accordance with the NEEW concept.
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