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Andrey Khovratov

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The creator and ideological inspirer of the Evorich ecosystem is Andrey Khovratov. Multidisciplinary professional investor, consultant for the preservation, augmentation and management of private capital, has a Master’s degree in “Network Business Management”.

Creator of the “Secrets of Millionaires with Andrey Khovratov” TV program and Chairman of the Investment Council of the International Public Association “Worlds Generals – for Peace”.

Andrey Khovratov has been studying personal and financial development for over 20 years, and is the creator of more than 15 author’s trainings on this topics.

We welcome you to our community of global creators of changes who work together to create a world where we can grow and fulfill our dreams.

The purpose of Evorich Ecosystem

Creation of a different type of society of people who become co-owners of various innovative enterprises, organizations of real sectors of the economy, consumers of goods and services that can use and receive profit in the form of bonuses and dividends.

Evorich ecosystem in numbers

Despite all the global cataclysms, the economic crisis and the pandemic, the ecosystem of Evorich continues to grow rapidly, attracting hundreds of thousands of interested people from around the world to join the ranks of its partners. Thanks to the MLCI (Multi Level Crowd Investing) business model, anyone can join the global mission, promote projects together with the Evorich team and have faith in the future, gaining financial independence.

Over 1.7 million registered users

Over 750 thousand active partners around the world

Advantages of Evorich ecosystem

Ability to have multiple sources of passive income through participation in a professionally managed global investment portfolio.

Create multiple sources of income from anywhere in the world by building your own profitable business in our ecosystem.

Exclusive educational packages, full-time mentoring and the best services on the market.

What projects are included in the Evorich ecosystem

Evorich Ecosystem and Cryptounit Program

Over 1.6 Million Registered Users. WCRU investment token is now available for purchase via the Swiss company
UGPay Group AG

Cryptounit Program With the Cryptounit program you get the opportunity to become a member of the closed club of co-owners of the Evorich ecosystem Global investment portfolio.

Evorich Ecosystem and the Academy of a Private Investor

Your Guiding Star in the
World of Finances and Investments. It is the most effective educational system
for private investors.

Academy of a Private Investor It is an online educational portal for teaching individuals to invest. Since 2011, the foundation of the Academy, more than 1.3 million people have already been trained.

Evorich Ecosystem and Genius of Finance game

A training game that
simulates your life and shows your weak points. You will master financial literacy and start the path from poverty
to wealth.

Genius of Finance It is a transformative financial education game training that aims to educate people on financial literacy.

Evorich Ecosystem and Evorich Multi Level Crowd Investing

The world leader in
Multi-Level Crowd-Investing.
The vision is to create the
New Economic Evolution
of the World.

Evorich MLCI The Evorich MLCI is an innovative business tool for ordinary people and entrepreneurs. MLCI stands for Multi-Level Crowd Investing.

Evorich Ecosystem and UGPay Group AG

Registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and incorporated in Switzerland, one of the most prestigious jurisdictions in the world.

UGPay Group AG - With the help of an own token, WCRU allows anyone to become a co-owner of the global investment portfolio, which has an independent valuation of over $ 1 billion and includes more than 20 business sectors in the investment market.

Evorich Ecosystem and UNITEX

A digital assets platform,
aims to provide a seamless experience for users. Reliable storage and high speed data flow.

UNITEX A trading platform that provides services for managing crypto-wallets, and also includes the implementation of crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions.

Evorich Ecosystem Global Unit Pay

Supervised by SOFIT as
a supervisory authority
officially recognized by the Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA).

Global Unit Pay - A payment platform based on blockchain technologies with additional capabilities for both legal entities and individuals.

Evorich Ecosystem and uGain

Allows customers an
additional source of income, and entrepreneurs to reduce advertising costs and increase the company’s turnover.

uGain - It is a digital platform for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as shopping malls and chains, designed to bring entrepreneurs and consumers together.

Evorich Ecosystem and New Digital Evolution

A synergy between “existing digital technologies” and the “traditional economic world”, where WCRU are “active”
digital guarantees.

New Digital Evolution - This project was created to combine the real economy with the digital one. The NDE, relying on modern blockchain technology, uses tokens as a digital guarantee.

Just 3 Simple Steps

  1. Register for free and fill out the necessary data in the personal account in order to become a partner.
  2. On the new user registration page, you can choose two registration formats: individual or legal entity.
  3. In order for a new member to join your team, you need to send them your link to register.

Evorich ecosystem can help millions of people around the world solve their problems in finance, investment, business, education, help restore the global economy and get rid of social problems, insecurity and fear.

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